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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Hernan Miranda

Was born in Concepcion , Paraguay in 1960 Although he never studied art at any of fine arts academies, as an adolescent he attended several drawing work shops. He has developed this technique during his first art experiences and this has deeply influenced his managing of the "Clarooscuro" and the tone value scale of these paintings. In the year 1987 he entered into te world of painting as an artist, organizing his first art show earning an award in drawing at a contest held by The "Magister Gallery" in Asuncion . Since then he has developed his paintings in a very prolific way , participating at many arts shows in Asuncion an abroad. Obsessed by the light of the "Tenebristas" painters, Miranda has studies the works of Rembrantd, Caravaggio, Vermeer and the Compositions of Sanchez Cotan, Giorgio Morandi and specially Antonio Lopez which has motivated him to seek beyond the academic virtuosity with a pragmatic painting , exploring deeper into the illusionist aspect of images , with a simple composition, Miranda not only seeks "Visual Effect" but also "Visual Affection" with elements through which the viewer finds easy communication and at the same time stimulates his visual perception. Upon studying the form and colors of the composition , the artist considers "light" as being the protagonist of the paintings. At present Miranda is developing the "Bi Realism series", which consist of integrating the support (Wood panel, canvas, paper, pasteboard, etc,) into the painting, conserving the visual aesthetics while bringing together the real and the " Virtual " reality
From 1993 to 1997 he taught painting at the "Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes" (National Fine Arts school) of Paraguay. Since 1998 he teaches realistic painting at the private studio and gives seminars at many institutions of art. At the moment, Hernan Miranda is living and working in the United Stated of America.


Some of the most important are.

Magister Gallery (Asuncion-Paraguay) ; Nuevospacio Gallery (Asuncion -Paraguay) ; Fabrica Gallery (Asuncion -Paraguay) ; Artesanos Gallery (Asuncion - Paraguay); Viejo Galpon Gallery (Asuncion - Paraguay); Atelier Myriam Mattos (Montevideo - Uruguay); Hall Banco do Brasil ( Sta. Maria - Brasil); Asuncion Cultural Center (Asuncion -Paraguay) ; Moscoso Gallery (Washington DC - USA); Ana Scappini Gallery (Asuncion- Paraguay); Stricoff Fine Art (NY - USA); Multiarte Gallery (Asuncion - Paraguay); Cantegrill Country Club (Punta del Este -Uruguay); Galeri­a Latina (Punta del Este - Uruguay); National Building Museum (Washington DC - USA); Arte Contemporaneo del Paraguay (Toulouse - France) ; Art Expo New York (NY - USA) ; Laval Museum (Laval - France); Old Bridge Library (New Jersey - USA); Lincoln Center (NY - USA); CCPA; Cruzada Internacional de Arte (Bogota - Colombia); Arte Actual Gallery (Asuncion - Paraguay) ; Hotel Olimpia (Seul -South Korea); Yongdusan Gallery (Busan - South Korea); Centro Cultural Jeonju ( Jeonju - South Korea); Hotel Seowipo (Seowipo - South Korea); Monserrat Gallery (NY - USA); Emblerart Gallery (Fort Lauderdale - USA); Collection Privee Fine Arts (Miami - USA); Lurie Fine Arts (Boca Raton - USA); miArte Gallery (Coral Gables-USA) ,SeJong Center (Seoul - South Korea); Sheraton Hotel (San Juan -Puerto Rico); Caesarea Gallery (Boca Raton - USA); miArte Gallery (Coral Gables-USA) .Bellarte Gallery (Seoul - South Korea); Suyu Gallery (North Miami-USA); Zahara Gallery (Coral Gables-USA); ;Exor Galleries (Boca Raton-USA); Tower Theatre (Miami-USA) ; Latin American Cultural Festival (Busan-South Korea);Chungnam Art Fair (South Korea);The Dongduk Artgallery (Seoul-South Korea); Korea Foundation Art Center (Seoul - Soth Korea);Art Expo NY 09- Exor Galleries (Boca Raton_USA); Regions Bank (Coral Gables-USA) ; Seoul Art Center (Seoul- South Korea) ; Art Expo NY 09 (NY-USA); Bellarte-Gallery(Seoul-South..Korea); Paredes- National Gallery 10 (South Beach-Miami-USA); Shang Du Museum (Zhngzhou - China) ; Cristina Chacon Gallery ( Coconut Grove) ; LGM International Art (Bogota - Colombia); Shanghai Art fair 2011 (Shanghai-China) ; ArteAmericas 2012 ( Miami - USA) ; Elite Fine Art (Miami- USA ) ; Shanghai 2012 (Shanghai - China ) ; KIAF 2012 ( Seoul - South Korea) ; Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City (Beijing - China ); Miami Book Fair 2012 (Miami- USA ) ; IAAF 2012 (Seoul - South korea) ; Ara Art Center (Seoul - South Korea); Paraguay mba e' 2013 (Miami - USA ); LGM International Art KIAF 2014 (Seoul-South Korea); Red Dot Miami 2014 ; Six Art Gallery(Miami-USA) ; OAS (Washington DC-USA); Spectrum Art Fair 2015 (Miami-USA); Six Art Gallery(Miami-USA) ; Finenze Gallery (Asuncion-Paraguay)

1998 .- Realization and installation of the painting "La Santisima Trinidadad" to "Queen of Apostles Catholic Church" , Alexandria ,VA -USA


1989 Nuevospacio Gallery(Asuncion -Paraguay)
1990 Fabrica Gallery(Asuncion -Paraguay)
1991 Viejo Galpon Gallery (Asuncion -Paraguay)
1992 Fabrica Gallery;
Artesanos Gallery (Asuncion -Paraguay)
1993 Fabrica Gallery (Asuncion-Paraguay)
OEA (Washington DC - USA)
1994 Fabrica Gallery (Asuncion -Paraguay)
1995 EOFULA (Washington DC - USA);
Scappini La Marca Gallery(Asuncion -Paraguay)
1996 Van Goethem Fine Art (Washington DC - USA)
1997, Pequena Galeria (Asuncion -Paraguay)
1998 Pequena Galeri­a (Asuncion -Paraguay),
Pequena Galeria (Giclees)
1999 Pequena Galeria (Asuncion -Paraguay)
Galeria Salucci (Paris - France)
2000 Citibank Cultural Center (Asuncion-Paraguay)
2001 Gana Art Center (Seoul - South Korea)
2002 Fundation Raices (San Lorenzo-Paraguay)
2003 Citibank Cultural Center, (Asuncion -Paraguay)
Hernan Miranda Gallery (Asuncion -Paraguay)
2004 Jadite Gallery (NY - USA)
2005 OEA (Washington DC - USA)
Jadite Gallery (New York-USA)
2006 Galeria Bellarte (Seoul - South Korea);
Seoul Arts Center (Seoul - South Korea)
2007 Paraguay Embassy (Paris - Francia);
Museum of Perouges (Ain - France).
CCPA (Asuncion -Paraguay)
Galerie au Theatre d' Hesdin - (Hesdin - France)
2008 Regions Bank (Coral Gables-USA)
Bellarte Gallery (Seoul - South Korea)
Zahara Gallery (Coral Gables-USA )
OAS (Washington DC - USA)
Exor Galleries (Boca Raton - USA)
2009- Instituto Italo Latino Americano (Rome - Italy)
Bellarte Gallery (Seoul - Soth Korea)
US Century Bank. (Coral Gables-USA)
2010-.Rocca Paulina (Peruggia-Italia)
Art.Co- Gallery (Bogota-Colombia
Camara de Comercio (Bogota - Colombia)
2011.-Espacio Tejidos Pilar ( Asuncion - Paraguay)
Hernan Miranda Fine Art (Miami - USA)
Critina Chacon Gallery ( coconut Grove - USA)
2012.-Hernan Miranda Fine Art (Miami-USA )
2013.-Instituto Cervantes ,- ( Tokyo- Japon )
2015.-Gallery Korea Fundation (Seoul - South Korea)
Finenze Gallery (Asuncion -Paraguay)